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Выставка Мир Детства 2019
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Рейтинг компаний kids-поинты

1 Весна 459.00
2 Феникс+ 401.00
3 Рельеф-Центр 396.00
4 Riki. Team 391.00
5 Гранд Экспо 329.00
6 Хатбер-М 321.00
7 Объединенная Выставочная Компания 293.40
8 "ФК "ФОРУМ" 269.00
9 Скрепка Экспо Проект 261.00
10 ТМ G'n'K (Ариадна-96) 257.00
11 Мельница, лицензионное агентство 236.00
12 Коник 223.00
13 Десятое Королевство 218.00
14 F.I.L.A. Russia (ООО "Фила Статионари") 213.00
15 ПК Химический завод "Луч" 201.00
16 Профессиональные выставки 197.00
17 Шупет (Choupette) 197.00
18 ГАММА 197.00
19 Я РАСТУ ТОЙЗ 194.00
20 Freeze Light 190.00


Турция, Стамбул, г. Стамбул


Since it was established in 2002, Fima Company service in Office and stationary industry and make a difference from the day entry into the sector have succesful charts. Our company has a successfull graphic with manufactured brands which are LETS and OFFICA in 2008 and today it’s rising momentum continues.Our company has started play dough production in 2012 in İstanbul and it continues to develop it’s product range each day and make curios consumers. Fima Stationary has a strong team of experts in their field and currently..
operate in creative thinking with excellent experience in stationary business, common sense and foresight secure a wide range of product variety with the understanding of what more we can offer to our customers.

In Fima Stationary, each product, every idea and project has being accured as a result of unique R&D projects. We highly proud of being introduce these product range which is providing our customers and consumers feel special and also we proud of accuracy that we show on our products to match up with your desire.

Our products has combined with healthfull materials and has been took it’s current shape with the idea of ‘first of all health’. Each product is made of high quality raw material components and all of them is appropriate with health standarts. LETS kids crafts products which occur in school group are rahter favorable for the development of intelligence and psychological reflection on kids. One of the other brand OFICA introduce you hundreds of instrumental euqipments which may help you in your office.

As Fima Family in the lights of corporate social responsibility, we proud of recommend our school and Office product range which are carefully prepared with intensive effort.
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Случайное KidsФото

Выставка Мир Детства 2019
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